by | May 27, 2020 | Car Boot News | 1 comment

We understand that these are worrying times and that coming out of lockdown may be a concern for some. As from 19th July 2021, the Government have issued the ending of certain conditions that are not now mandatory. With this in mind, we have issued the following guidelines for people visiting our car boots in order to keep us all safe.

  • If you have Covid 19, have a temperature, new or continuous cough, or feel unwell, do not attend.
  • Please keep where possible to social distancing.
  • Although face masks are not mandatory, please feel free to wear them if you would like to, for extra precaution to yourselves and others.
  • Carrying your hand sanitiser and used often is very important at all times
  • Remember Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air. We take the safety and wellbeing of our visitors and sellers very seriously and look forward to seeing you soon.